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My truck
320 Series
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My truck :

My truck is 1963 N320, which I bought in 1999. According to the previous owner, it had been sitting in his barn waiting for being restored for 10 years. But in the year, a newly obtained Morris Mini kicked it out from the barn, and he decided to sell it.

Its condition was rather good. Almost no accessories were missing, and no modifications were found. The chasse seemed to be ok and little rust was found on the body. Above all, it had a very rare registration plate.

And problems at the moment were;

  1. its tail lenses were not the original ones. Probably one of the previous owners diverted from those for a small ute.
  2. The left front wheel stuck to its brake so tightly and it didn't rotate at all.

The first step of the restoration is to solve these problems to get it being registered and to get it back on the road again. And progress and problems are to be reported in this site. Thank you.

Front view

Front view

Rust on Fender


Engine Room (Right)

Engine Room (Left)

Engine Room

Tail Gate

Fog Rump

Driving Wheel


Side View
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