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320 Around the World


Dale's L320

This perfect looking 1965 L320 is from Arizona, USA. Its body painting is original one and the owner, Dale, has never re-painted on it. He also has an NL320 and a funky little handmade buggy called Manx SR. Have a look at his web site. Probably it would be the biggest web site in the world on 320s.

Fernando's NL320

This beautiful NL320 is from Mexico. Fernando imported this truck from California. He says, the NL320s were not be sold in Mexico. Thank you amigo for sending me the picture!

Fernando's other old Datsuns

Senor Fernando has finished other old Datsuns as well and these are ones of them. Good job! He also has many unfinished 320s. We are looking forward to them being finished! Thank you.

Uchida's 320

The first 320 from Japan is Uchida's 1963 320. It had been working by around 1998 but is sitting for the next 4 years. Uchida-san has got it as the second owner and is now working on it. Good luck and enjoy restoring!

Shimizu's L320

Shimizu has got a 1965 L320 from the US, and that's why it has the driver's seat on the left side. He is now working on it to pass the automotive inspection. Pictures from the tail and inside the engine room are available.

Garry's '64 &' 66 Datsuns

Here comes Garry's NL320 with '66 Datsun from California, USA. This 320 has a history. The original owner replaced its front suspension and rear end with ones from Toyota Corona and installed Toyota 1600 cc engine and automatic transmission. Then Garry took its body off and put it on another chassis of L320 that he found. Now his NL has the E-1 and column 4 speed!

Alan's L320

This is Alan's 1962 Datsun 320 from Australia. Alan is working on it and is nearly there! Its milk truck body on the back is what he built. Good job! The radiator grille he fitted is not original one but is for 1963 P312 Bluebird, and he is looking for the original one. Any information? Tell us please!

Dwaynz's L320

This is the first 320 from Canada, Dwaynz's 1964 Datsun L320. He has it for 10 years (2002) in Vancouver. A picture form its tail is also available. Thank you Dwaynz!!!

Paul's 320

This is Paul's 1964 Datsun 320 from Brisbane, Australia, with a 1500 engine installed! Thank you Paul for sending the pictures!!!

Takayuki's N320

Here comes a newly addicted victim with his N320 from Tokyo, Japan. He is my friend from university. He's got it in 2003 and will work on it. Its engine works smoothly, he says. But its body, especially of its tail, is rusted badly, because the previous owner left it near by the sea. Good luck and happy restoring! Aaa, he is a 230 Gloria owner. If you have questions on it, he is the guru you should ask.

Nirei's L320

This is another good looking 1963 L320 from Japan that Nirei owns. He has been driving it for more than 12 years for everyday use. Pictures of its back, face, and interior are also available. Thank you Nirei for the good one!


!!! Your Pics Are Wanted !!!: I always welcome pictures of 320s and other old Datsun trucks. Please send me your pictures and let's build this page together. Thank you.

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